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Cash-in-Transit (CIT) Companies have the flexibility to use MoneySafe® standard steel vault or to manufacture their own customized vaults. All system components (bill validators, POS terminals, sensors, internal control board, locks, cassettes, etc.) can be purchased directly by the CIT Company, allowing for total flexibility in the vault design.

In addition, the CIT Company can designate whether MoneySafe® software platform will run in our cloud or in the CIT Company data center, without losing any functionality.

MoneySafe® give store owners/managers tranquility on in-store currency handling and the convenience of financial transaction monitoring through their computer or tablet.

Be it a single store, or a chain of stores, all deposits and collection infos are available at your fingertips.

Ideal for commerce and service businesses with cash sales like fuel stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, toll stations, etc.


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Low Cost

MoneySafe® vault control and operation runs on a POS Terminal, the very same equipment used by credit/debit card machines all over the world, the equipment is famous for its simplicity, security and robustness. In this way, we avoid the use of more expensive equipment like touch screen terminals and computers. Thus, this solution has a lower cost compared to other solutions on the market.


POS Terminals can be used safely in harsh environments such as dusty and hot places for instance.


Solution availability

The increased strength and durability of POS equipments do a great job preventing vault operation outages.

Ease operation and maintenance

POS terminal operation is simple, intuitive and very familiar to virtually all retailers. For instance, the replacement of printing paper rolls on the POS is exactly the same as on credit card machines. Should a problem occur in any component (keyboard, printer, display, modem), the whole unit can be replaced in no time. This renders maintenance extremely fast and easy.


The system uses, inside the vault, a control unit board: MoneySafe® Controller. The bill acceptors, sensors and electromagnetic lock are controlled by MoneySafe® Controller which also provides encrypted only communication with the POS Terminal. It goes without saying that, in its turn, all information exchanged between the POS Terminals and the processing servers are also encrypted and use the same security features as credit card brands.



Possibility of in-house processing, customization and direct purchase of the vaults.

O MoneySafe - Cofre Inteligente

MoneySafe® has been on the market for more than 9 years now. Always evolving and consistently delivering the safest and most advanced smart vault technology available both for retailers and cash-in-transit companies.

Best value for cash management solution with all deposits monitored in real time via computer, tablet or smartphone, so the Cash-in-Transit Company can collect it whenever automatically notified by MoneySafe® or requested by the retailer’s staff.

Reduction of money in circulation and losses due to theft or robbery

Greater safety for employees and customers of the facilities.


Faster treasury  without errors

Automatic bill counting. Counterfeit bill rejection.

Agility and safety in the cash transportation process

Using of lockable cash bags and MoneySafe® printed reports prevent the need for deposits verification at collection time.

Reduction of operational costs

More time for staff to do other tasks. Frees employees from time intensive tasks such as counting, reconciling and auditing cash deposits.

Monitoring of deposits

Real-time cash monitoring in all stores.


Limit alerts, collection events, deposits

Via SMS, e-mail or smartphone app.